Keezer Engineering was founded in February 2007 by Marcel Keezer.

After working as a lead engineer and project manager at a leading manufacturer of cryogenic components he decided to start a company which specializes in design and advice for cryogenic energy systems.

His first experience in the field of cryogenics already dates back from 1995. Since this time the experience has grown to a wide range of cryogenic techniques.

It is therefore that employees of Keezer Engineering can harvest from the wide range of available knowledge in cryogenic technology, being the technology required to make and keep extreme cold temperatures. In some of our projects it is required to approach the absolute zero temperature.

Keezer Engineering is successful in engineering and leading cryo-technology based projects. It can be a separation system for Helium and Nirtogen or the lay down of ground breaking energy concepts. For example LNG and Hydrogen systems.

All our customers are globally operating companies. The techniques we use are state of the art and customer specific.

We are actively involved in the development of new energy concepts which will help us all building a sustainable future!



Marcel Keezer
Keezer Engineering v.o.f.